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Bright Halogen Revolving Beacon Lights
Unmatched brightness and visibility

These motorized rotating beacon lights are ideal for long range visibility both day and night. Choose from a variety of different dome colors and mounting options.

Starting at $64.59
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Flashing LED Safety Vest
High visibility reflective vest with flashing red LED lights

Great for walkers, joggers, bikers, construction workers, traffic directors, or anyone who is out at night. This reflective safety vest has the added visibility protection of long-lasting super bright flashing red LED lights incorporated into the vest.

Reg. $35.59 Sale $29.95
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Strobe Light - Alarm Combo
Bright, flashing warning light with integrated siren in one unit

This audio/visual alarm combines 70 single flashes per minute with an 87 dB piezo alarm. The powder painted aluminum flange base has 3 screws for mounting and comes with a mounting template. The Strobe Light and the Alarm each have a separate power wire and a common ground wire.

Reg. $164.59 Sale $154.95
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