Beacon light mounting options

Beacon Light Mounting Options

Here at, we have three main types of beacon mountings; magnet mount, permanent mount and pipe mount.  A common question arises:  Which to use?  Why should I use one over the other?  How do they work?  In this blog entry, we’re hoping to supply some answers.

First off, we've got the magnet mount beacons.  As the name implies, these clever beacons mount only by the strong magnets on the underside of the beacon.  They are excellent for temporary uses, or for features that often require the removal of the beacon.  They are also great for those who use dual-purpose vehicles.  It makes them a work vehicle by day, and a personal vehicle by night.  And because the mounting is magnetic, they can stick just about anywhere metallic!

Permanent mount beacons are, as the name similarly suggests, are much more permanent in nature than that of the magnet mount.  They have a base flange that rests flat on the mounting surface.  Typically, these beacons are also a little more heavy-duty than the typical magnetic mount beacon.  They usually come with 3 or more pre-drilled holes for the included screws.  Occasionally, a hole may be required in the mounting surface to allow passage of electrical wires to be connected to the building, vehicle, or machinery.

Pipe mount beacons offer a unique combination of the two.  They feature a hole on the bottom of the base that is threaded (female) so that it can be screwed onto a pipe fitting (male).  This makes it very easy to run wires through, as the pipe acts as a conduit.  Pipe mount beacons feature a greater level of versatility in that they can be displayed at just about any height or any location with the simple modification of the pipe fitting itself.  These are most commonly used with boats, pickup trucks, and other vehicles where the beacon needs a more prominent display. 

If you have any questions about which beacon mounting is right for your particular application, please let us know.