Hockey Goal Light Hard Hat

Police Lights Make Hockey Hard Hats Fun and Fashionable for Fans

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available.

One of our enterprising and loyal customers has spawned a cottage industry making hard hats with flashing red police beacon lights on top. These revolving red lights simulate the goal light that flashes whenever a goal is scored. If you pay a visit to the website you'll see a selection of hockey team branded hard hats equipped with battery operated red revolving lights like these below that recently came out of production for the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Each of these hard hats is equipped with a red battery operated LED beacon which happens to be one of our most popular and versatile revolving beacons on The PL-300 beacon simulates the rotating pattern of a motorized police style beacon without any motor or moving parts. The LEDs are high efficiency and use minimal battery power and produce lots of eye catching bright LED light. 

While these particular PL-300 LED beacons are attached to hockey hard hats, we sell the PL-300 with a standard magnet mount which allows you to temporarily mount them to vehicles or any ferrous metallic surface.

We'd like to thank our friends at the He Scores company for letting us share this photo with you. Be sure to pay them a visit at!