Nighttime Safety Security Lights

Tired of Stubbed Toes? Concerned About Burglars? We Can Help!

Of all the senses you have, perhaps the most important is sight.  How many times have you stubbed your toe on a wood furniture piece because you couldn't see that it was an inch further out than you remembered it?  Few things are worse!  On a more serious note, what about burglars?  One of the most effective methods of deterring a potential burglar is to ensure that the entire exterior of your home is well-lit.  As with all crimes, theft dwells in darkness.  Here on Safety Lights and Signals, we have a wide array of Security products that can help prevent pandemonium in the home, whether it’s as small as a stubbed toe, or as devastating as a robbery.

One of my favorite safety illumination products is the Location Marker Light.  They are wireless, easy to place, and completely waterproof.  They run on C batteries using a “low glow” technology that helps to extend the life of the batteries.  Because they are motion activated, they can last for as long as a year!  They come in three slick colors, and are great for lighting walkways, patio ledges, or staircases.

Another useful product for wall mounted security illumination is Mr. Beams Wireless Spotlight.  We used one of these in our warehouse for a long time, and it worked wonderfully!  This little guy can pack quite the punch with 140 lumens of light.  It is wall mounted, and has a 180 degree motion sensor, giving it a wide range of detection.  It uses D batteries that, once again, can last up to a year!  Because it’s completely weatherproof, it can be used both indoors and out for a complete home protection.

While a few batteries a year may not be a big deal for some, there are those that would rather not use them at all, but don’t want to go through the hassle of hard wire installation.  For that, we have the Solar-Powered Security light!  Compared to its other security light siblings, this variant is definitely the biggest brother.  It runs entirely on solar panel, and activates at night when motion is detected.  The solar panels charge inbuilt batteries that can go for quite some time without any sunlight at all.  It’s one of the only perfectly self-sustaining light products out there!  It’s perfect for high traffic areas, like the front door or back door or patio.