Revolving Bullseye Lens Beacon Light - BBP Series

Revolving Bullseye Lens Beacon Light - BBP Series

The BBP Series Rotating Bullseye Beacon Light makes a great medium or light duty safety light providing solid safety awareness and warning lighting for machinery, service trucks, snow plows and construction vehicles. Municipalities, road construction contractors, and any service needing to outfit their vehicle fleet with safety lighting will appreciate the economical price. 

Three bullseye lenses concentrate the light output to 3600 candle power for superior visibility. The lenses rotate around an incandescent bulb providing 110 single flashes per minute with 360 degree field of view. The base housing is constructed from stainless steel for a sturdy and durable light. This product is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for factory assembly.
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Choose the color of the light
Choose the voltage of the unit.
Choose the type of mount for the light.
Purchase replacement bulbs for future maintenance.
  • Amber
  • 12 Volt DC
  • Permanent Mount
  • No Replacement Bulbs
Product Specs

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Product diagram for the BB Series Beacons:
Safety Beacon Diagram

Replacement Part List for the BB Series Safety Beacons:

Safety Beacon Part List

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