Quad Flash Strobe Warning Light with Stainless Steel Base - QM1 Series

Quad Flash Strobe Warning Light with Stainless Steel Base - QM1 Series

Bring safety and attention to your vehicles with the QM1 Quad Flash Strobe Light. This strobe light features a sturdy stainless steel base and high visibility Fresnel lens making it ideal for vehicle visibility applications. Include the optional dust cover to provide extra protection from salt, pollution, and UV damage. Municipalities, utilities and other service vehicles operating near the coast will find these element-resisting lights to be invaluable to their fleet vehicles.

The QM1 Series beacon is 5.75 inches in diameter and 7.375 inches in height, with a strobe rate of 75 quad flashes per minute. This beacon can be permanently mounted with the included bolts or temporarily mounted with a magnetic mount. It is ready to be hardwired to any 12/24 V DC power source for immediate safety lighting. This product is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for factory assembly.
  • 12/24 V DC, 3.8 Amperes, 17 Joules
  • 75 Quad flashes per minute
  • 750 Candelas/second light output
  • 7.75 inches tall by 5.75 inches in diameter
  • Uses one ST-77 bulb (included and replaceable)
  • Through bolt permanent mount
  • Download PDF data sheet for this product
In stock
Choose the color of the QM1 or QM1C Strobe Light.
Do you want the light to include the optional dust cover over the lens?
Choose the mounting type for your application.
Purchase a replacement bulb for future maintenance.
  • Amber
  • No Dust Cover
  • Permanent Mount
  • No Replacement Bulb
Product Specs

Download PDF data sheet for this product

Download mounting instructions for this product


Product diagram for the Q750 Series Beacons:
Safety Beacon Diagram

Replacement Part List for the Q750 Series Safety Beacons:

Safety Beacon Part List

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