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Marine Navigation Lights done easy!


For those out there who love night-time boating, these Marine Navigation Lights for you!  Additionally, if you are in fact a midnight maritime maniac, you likely also know that such navigational lights are more than a good idea; they are required by law (For those of us that are more earth-bound, it’s sufficient to know that both a red and green light are required side lights near the bow (er, that is, the front) of the boat).  These marine navigation lights fulfill the requirements for side lights, and when used in conjunction with a 360 degree light located near the stern, it drastically improves your visibility.  Each light also has an optional flash mode to add more attention-grabbing power.

                Boaters also know that there are many different varieties of side lights out there.  Most of them are permanently mountable, and can be a considerable investment of time and money to install.  These particular LED lights are incredibly durable, and are easily mounted on to any surface, and just as easily removed.  They run on 3 AAA batteries, which last quite a long time thanks to the LED lighting.