Surface and Grill Mount Safety Lights

Grill and Surface Mounted Safety Lights

Grill and Surface Mounted Safety Lights

Are you looking for a vehicle safety lighting solution that blends in with the aesthetics of the vehicle? Or, do you want to cut down on wind-noise and improve gas mileage? Then use surface mounted safety lights or grill mounted beacons. These lights provide extra-bright safety lighting while blending into the original vehicle design.

Surface mounted lights snugly recess into any flat surface and are wrapped in a weather-proof housing for both interior and exterior applications. The bright LEDs consume a minimal amount of power greatly reducing battery drain.

Grill mounted vehicle safety lights are designed to be mounted inside a vehicle's grill. The design allows for a recessed lighting option that does not require any drilling into body panels. Using LED lights, you will get great visibility and low power consumption!