Portable Spot Lights

You don't work in one place, why should your work light be stuck in one spot? Portable spot and flood lights bring light directly to your work space. Whether you are outdoors on a construction site, or indoors working on vehicles, machinery, or in a dark corner, a lighted work area is critical for safety.

Portable work lights provide the ultimate flexibility. Direct a portable spotlight towards your work space to provide bright lighting for your work. Integrated remote controls allow you to shine the light directly where needed without needing to re-position your light. These work lights are built with both suction and magnetic mounts so you can move the light from place to place and securely mount it to a vehicle, shelf or other flat spot. To cast a broad area of light, use a portable flood light. Or, if you need focused light for a small area, use a spotlight. Many work lights allow you to switch between both spotlight mode and floodlight mode. LED lights have a very small power draw allowing you to work for hours without worrying about draining the battery.

Wherever you work, be safe and brightly light your work area.