Construction and Heavy Equipment Safety Lights

Construction Equipment Safety Lights

Keep Workers and Construction Equipment Safe

In the world of earth moving and heavy equipment, there are often no roads, let alone traffic signs and right of ways. Additionally, dust, exhaust and weather add to the dangers of work sites utilizing heavy equipment and earth movers. In these environments, it is imperative that your equipment can be seen by other drivers and pedestrians to keep everyone safe. Be sure to purchase beacons, strobes and safety lights designed for the punishment off-road use inflicts.

What makes heavy equipment safety lights different, is that they are constructed with larger housings for greater visibility. The electronics are encapsulated to protect from the elements. Bulbs are reinforced to withstand vibration and extra lenses protect against weather and flying debris. Our line of heavy-duty vehicle safety lights feature:

  • Large Housings
  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction
  • High-Visibility
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Permanent or Temporary Mounting Options
  • Eye-Catching Flash Patterns