Hazardous Location Warning Lights

Providing warning lighting for hazards is common sense. But what if a hazardous condition, such as flammable or explosive vapors, could be ignited by the warning light? A specialized, hazardous location strobe light is needed to prevent fires and explosions caused by the light itself. 

The XEMIP Strobe Lights meet or exceed standards for NFPA Class 1 (flammable gasses or vapors may be present), Division 2 (hazardous materials which are handled in sealed containers or systems which may leak), hazardous locations. This is achieved by encapsulating all of the circuitry to prevent sparks and electrical arcs that could ignite vapors and fumes. The bulbs are contained within a fresnel lens and an aluminum body. The 12/24V DC and 120/220 V AC versions are UL listed for peace of mind.

These bright strobe lights provide a great safety warning for warehouses, material management facilities and factories where flammable vapors and gases are handled. The lights can also be installed on vehicles operating within those hazardous areas.