Why Many Customers Choose LED Revolving Beacons Over All Others

Why Many Customers Choose LED Revolving Beacons Over All Others

The classic look of a revolving beacon light is iconic. From old school black and white police cars with the “cherry” on top to the sleek light bars of police cruisers today, rotational warning lights are a sure fire attention getter.

The traditional revolving beacon light is constructed of an electric motor attached to one or more reflectors that rotate. Within the reflector are light bulbs usually of an incandescent or halogen variety.  Today there are many more revolving beacon light options thanks to the advent of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Most rotating beacons with LED lights operate without motors of any kind. They use a series of LED lights that fire in a successive pattern to simulate rotation.

What are the benefits of using an LED revolving pattern beacon?  First of all, the life expectancy of an LED beacon is much longer since there are no moving parts to wear out. Secondly, because LEDs never need to be replaced, you don’t have to worry about finding and installing replacement bulbs. Last but not least, LED beacons operate on a fraction of the power that a traditional motor beacon consumes saving energy and money.

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