Audio Visual Combination Warning Signals

Hazards and dangers can lurk just around the corner. To prevent injuries and property damage, advanced warning is needed for workers, pedestrians and others even when not in the line of sight. Combination audio/visual (CAV) strobe and rotating safety lights add an audio alarm to the light to create an additional warning element to your safety lighting. Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and material handling operations will find these lights particularly useful in providing added safety around machinery, forklifts and other dangerous conditions.

CAV lights combine a bright strobe light with a loud alarm. The alarm is wired separately so that it can be synchronized with the light operation, or operate independently of the light. For instance, when wired to a vehicle, the audio alarm could be wired to only sound when the vehicle is in reverse while the warning strobe light operates continuously. Or, The light could be wired in a building to light and alert at the same time when a hazardous condition exists. The flexibility of wiring allows you to customize the installation to your specific application.