Waste Management Vehicle Safety Lights

Waste Management Vehicle Warning Lights

Heavy Duty Warning Lights and Strobes for Waste Management Trucks

Waste management crews find themselves frequently exposed to traffic dangers on roadways as they drive between stops and as they enter and exit the truck. To protect these vulnerable workers from traffic collisions, waste management fleets should utilize safety lights and beacons on every vehicle or piece of equipment on the road. Bright flashing strobe lights and rotating beacons will bring visibility for approaching vehicles allowing time to change lanes and avoid putting staff in danger. Bright safety lights also play an important role in slowing traffic further reducing the danger of collisions. 

These lights provide a high light output for all weather conditions. They will work whenever you crews work. Choose from round strobe lights, revolving lights, light bars and flush/surface mounted lights. The sheer variety of available lights provides the flexibility to provide the most effective safety lighting for any vehicle. Lights for waste management equipment feature:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Long Life
  • All Weather Visibility
  • Multiple Voltage Options for use with Vehicles or Equipment
  • Permanent or Temporary Mounting Options
  • Eye-Catching Flash Patterns