Work Truck and Vehicle Safety Lights

Work Truck and Light Vehicle Warning Lights

Light Vehicle Safety Lighting

Construction sites are full of hazards. Don't let your vehicle be one! Safety lights, strobes and beacons are designed to bring attention to work trucks and construction vehicles operating in and around work sites where traffic control devices are absent. The bright eye-catching displays and flash patterns alert both pedestrians and other vehicles of your presence so they can avoid colliding your vehicle.

Proper vehicle safety lighting reduces property damage and work place injuries through increased visibility and awareness. Because of these benefits, vehicle safety lighting is often required by general contractors and insurance companies. Be compliant, save money and keep your workers, vehicles and others safe by installing high quality, durable safety strobe lights. Our line of construction vehicle lights feature:

  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction
  • High-Visibility
  • Multiple Voltage Options for both Passenger Vehicles and Construction Equipment
  • Permanent or Temporary Mounting Options
  • Eye-Catching Flash Patterns