Landscaping and Snow Plow Warning Lights

Snow Plow and Landscaping Vehicle Warning Lights

Safety Lights and Beacons for Landscaping Vehicles and Snow Plows

Landscaping contractors and grounds maintenance workers face a myriad of workplace safety hazards extending into roadways. Loading and unloading equipment and materials on the side of the road exposes pedestrians and workers to passing traffic. To protect these vulnerable workers from traffic collisions, utilize safety lights and beacons on every vehicle, trailer, or piece of equipment. Bright flashing strobes and rotating beacons will bring visibility to oncoming vehicles allowing time to change lanes and avoid putting staff in danger.

Safety lights also play an important role in protecting groundskeepers as they maintain parking lots. Snow, rain, and dust can greatly diminish visibility. Safety signals mounted to snow plows, street sweepers and other maintenance vehicles will help other drivers safely navigate around the equipment and vehicles. Lights for landscaping vehicles and equipment feature:

  • Durable Construction
  • High-Visibility
  • Multiple Voltage Options for use with Vehicles or Equipment
  • Permanent or Temporary Mounting Options
  • Eye-Catching Flash Patterns