Motor Driven Siren has distinctive air raid siren sound

Motor Driven Sirens are Back!

There’s nothing quit as distinctive as the wail of a motor driven siren. We are happy to announce that our popular electric motor driven sirens are now back in stock for a limited time. These motor sirens produce their easily recognizable sound using an electric motor which turns a rotor that spins inside a slotted drum. The siren pulls air into the drum using centrifugal force. The rotors force the air out of segmented slots producing bursts of air. The frequency of these air bursts determine the pitch, and produce the characteristic wail synonymous with motor driven sirens.

Our particular motor driven siren (Model S-290W) produces 110 decibels of sound output which is equivalent to the sound output of an ambulance siren. Depending on environmental conditions, the siren can be heard for miles around.

The S-290W motor driven siren is easy to use. Simply plug it into a standard wall electrical outlet with the two pronged plug. Then, activate the siren with the inline rotary switch in the cord of the unit. Some customers put the siren on a switch controlled circuit as a security alarm. Some customers use the unit to signal emergency evacuation event or drill.

We are one of the few places in the world where you can buy an electric motor siren. The availability of these sirens is limited. We’ve carried these sirens for years, and experience tells us that demand will likely outpace our supply of this product.