Heavy Duty Strobe Warning Light with Stainless Steel Base - DFS1250 Series

Heavy Duty Strobe Warning Light with Stainless Steel Base - DFS1250 Series

The Double Flash 1250 Series Strobe Warning Lights are the ideal light for working in harsh conditions. The inner Fresnel lens is encased in a heavy duty outer dome with a stainless steel base. The light is weatherproof making it perfect for almost any working conditions. These deluxe multi-voltage lights are ideal for heavy-duty equipment and can also be used in industrial building applications where a extremely bright signalling light is needed. 

The 1250 Series features a super bright strobing bulb improving safety and increasing visibility. This versatile beacon is available in multiple mounting options including; permanently mounted with bolts, pipe mounted or magnetically to a metal surface and is ready to be hardwired to a 12/48 V DC or 120/220 VAC power sources. This product is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for factory assembly.

  • 3 Amperes, 21.5 Joules at 12/24 V DC,  or 1 Amperes, 18 Joules at 120 V AC,  .3 Amperes, 18 Joules at 220 V AC
  • Super bright double flash display
  • U/L Listed
  • 75 Double flashes per minute at 12/24 Volts and 60 FPM at 120/220 Volts
  • 1200 candelas/second at 12/24 Volts and 900 candelas/second at 120/220 Volts
  • Mounts Available: Permanent, Pipe and Magnetic
  • Power Supply Options: Hard wire, Vehicle Adapter, Wall Plug
  • 9 Inches tall by 9 inches in diameter
  • Replacement bulb ST-77
  • Download PDF data sheet for this product
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Choose the lens color of the light
Choose the operating voltage of the light.
Choose the mounting type for the light.
Purchase a replacement ST-77 bulb for future maintenance.
  • Amber
  • 12/24 Volt DC
  • Permanent Mount
  • No Replacement Bulb
Product Specs

Download PDF data sheet for this product

Download mounting instructions for this product

Product diagram for the 112HR Series Beacons:
Safety Beacon Diagram

Replacement Part List for the 112HR Series Safety Beacons:

Safety Beacon Part List

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