Heavy Duty Single Flash Strobe Warning Light - ST1250 Series

Heavy Duty Single Flash Strobe Warning Light - ST1250 Series

Heavy equipment and harsh environments require a safety warning light that can handle the elements. The Single Flash ST1250 Strobe Warning Lights are ideal lights for working in harsh conditions. These large strobe lights feature an inner Fresnel lens encased in a heavy duty polycarbonate outer dome sealed to a stainless steel base. The light unit is weatherproof for operation in almost any working condition. These lights make an outstanding safety addition for heavy equipment and trucking operations. The safety lights also provide a high-visibility warning option for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other building applications.  

The ST1250 strobe light has multiple voltage options available. These include a 12/24 volt DC version for vehicles, a 120 volt AC version for standard building wiring, and 220 volt AC for high-voltage equipment and circuits. The ST1250 Series strobes at 75 single flashes per minute with a 600 candela/second light output. This beacon can be mounted permanently with included bolts or on a pipe with the pipe mount. For temporary vehicle applications, a strong magnet mount with vehicle power adapter is available. This product is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for factory assembly.

  • 12/24 V DC, 2 Amperes, 17.25 Joules, or
  • 120 V AC, 0.2 Amperes, 13.25 Joules, or
  • 220 V AC, 0.3 Amperes, 13.25 Joules
  • Super bright single flash display
  • 75 Single flashes per minute
  • 600 candelas/second at 12/24 Volts or 375 candelas/second at 120/220 volts
  • Mounting Options: Permanent through bolt, pipe & magnetic
  • 9 Inches tall by 9 inches in diameter
  • Replacement bulb ST-77
  • Download PDF data sheet for this product
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Choose the dome color of the ST1250 Strobe Light.
Select the operating voltage for the ST1250 Strobe Light.
Choose the mounting type for the ST1250 Safety Strobe Light.
Purchase a replacement bulb for future maintenance.
  • Amber
  • 12/24 Volt DC
  • Permanent Through-Bolt
  • No Replacement Bulb
Product Specs
Download PDF data sheet for this product

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Product diagram for the ST1250 Series Beacons:
Safety Beacon Diagram

Replacement Part List for the ST1250 Series Safety Beacons:

Safety Beacon Part List

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