LED Combination Audio Visual Flashing Strobe LED Warning Light - CAVLEDFL350 Series

LED Combination Audio Visual Flashing Strobe LED Warning Light - CAVLEDFL350 Series

Keep pedestrians and workers safe using both a bright visual strobe and audible alarm with the CAVLEDFL350 Combination Audio/Visual Strobe Light. The popular LEDFL350 strobe light is combined with a loud, 87dB piezo alarm alerting anyone in the area to a hazardous condition or operating equipment, even if they are out of the line of sight. Warehouses, logistics companies, manufacturing facilities and material handling operations will find these low-maintenance LED strobe lights particularly useful in providing added safety around machinery, forklifts, heavy equipment and other dangerous conditions.

This audio/visual alarm combines 175 flashes per minute with an 87 dB piezo alarm. The powder painted aluminum flange base has 3 screws with spacers for permanent mounting to vehicles, walls, or equipment. An optional 1/2 inch pipe mount is also available. The Strobe Light and the Alarm each have a separate power wire and a common ground wire to allow the light and alarm to work independently of each other if necessary. The light's housing is sonic welded to protect the circuitry and bulb from the elements.  This product is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for factory assembly.

  • 5-year warranty, best in industry
  • 100,000 hour LED bulb life
  • 175 single flashes per minute
  • 12/24 Volts DC, 0.3 Amps or 120 Volts AC, 0.3 Amps
  • Size: 4.6 inches diameter by 4 inches tall
  • Light and alarm wired separately
  • Mounting screws included
  • Download PDF data sheet for this product
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Choose the lens color of the CAVLEDFL350 strobe light.
Choose the operating voltage needed for the strobe light.
Choose the mounting type needed for your application.
  • Amber
  • 12/48 Volt DC
  • Permanent Through-Bolt Mount
Product Specs

Download PDF data sheet for this product

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