Extra Strong Magnetic Mount Battery Operated LED Flashing Portable Safety Light - PSLM275 Series

Extra Strong Magnetic Mount Battery Operated LED Portable Safety Light - PSLM275 Series

Bring safety lighting and visibility wherever you are with the PSLM275 Portable LED Safety Beacon. Warn others of hazardous conditions or operating machinery. This versatile LED strobing light is battery operated and features an integrated, super strong 75 lbs pull magnet mount so you can bring the light with you whenever you are away from a permanent power source. The magnet is more than 4 times as powerful as the PSLM2 light. The bright LEDs are enhanced by the lens to provide superior visibility for a portable safety light. The weather-resistant housing allows you to use this light in any weather conditions.

The PSLM275 Portable Safety Light features a 75 lbs pull magnet so the light can be securely and temporarily attached to any metal surface. The 24 LEDs triple flash at 60 flashes per minute and are powered by 2 "D" sized batteries with an estimated 350 hour run time. An optional-use photocell is built in allowing the light to automatically turn on and off as the light conditions change. This compact light measures 4.13" in diameter by 4.75" tall.

Keep yourself and others safe with a high-visibility safety light ideal for outdoor uses such as emergency response, construction, traffic control and other industrial applications. The PSLM275 Light is also ideal for car emergency kits. In case of a break down, this beacon will attract attention to the disabled vehicle on the side of the road. This product is made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for factory assembly.
  • 24 ultra-bright LEDs
  • Optional photocell to turn off in daylight and on at night
  • Uses 2 D size batteries (not included)
  • Estimated battery life is 350 hours
  • Weather resistant
  • Super strong magnetic base is resistant to shocks and vibrations 
  • Carrying strap attached to top of light
  • Size: 4.13 in. diameter by 4.5 in. tall
  • Download PDF data sheet for this product
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  • Amber
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Download PDF data sheet for this product


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